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Hello everyone, 

TK-31495 here to ask my fellow TK's if they've joined (or know about) the First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment forums! 

The FISD is an amazing resource for new and old members; being a new recruit myself as of earlier this year, I know how much I relied on the support and advice of professionals and veterans of costume building to make my suit as perfect as possible! However not only is this site a great place to learn and share, it is also a place where possible joinees to the 501st can be welcomed to the 501st and become apart of the fantastic community!

I was recently asked to be in the Imperial Attache program on the FISD for our little Outpost, and was asked to send a brief message to our forum and raise awareness to anyone looking to start a build or be part of a more frequent and large extension of our organization! If you do not know what the Attache program is, you can find more information here:

My duty on the forum is simply to welcome as many members as possible to the forum, help where ever I can in build threads, and be a resource to new-comers who are trying to find their closest Garrison or Outpost to get in touch with our GML; that is of course, if they don't find our forum (or page on the 501st) before hand. 

To my fellow TK's (and fellow members in the outpost), I encourage you to join the FISD or detachment forum for your costume! 

All the best,


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